Copywriting, Editing, and English Correction

English Correction

Good use of language builds customer confidence in your company’s professionalism and competence. Unfortunately poor use of language does the opposite. Customers are less likely to trust poorly written or incorrect English. Furthermore, they cannot be sure of what you mean to say if there are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your copy.

We check your English

Internet copy needs to be concise so it is even more essential to ensure that your use of language is correct because your customers will have very little to base their decisions and opinions on.

Mostly a language mistake is just embarrassing but sometimes you may even inadvertently offend or insult your readers!

Then we correct it

Using native English speakers with degree level language skills we are able to correct not only incorrect word or grammar use but also re-word phrases to convey the correct tone or to use idiomatic phrases typical of the target market.
Judging the subtle nuances of a language requires an experienced native speaker with first-hand knowledge of the style, tone and dialect of English that is required. Contact us to see what we can do for you.