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Dyslexia Support: English Correction Service

It’s not just non-native speakers who have difficulty with their English sometimes. Being dyslexic presents a few problems in everyday life that others don’t always appreciate.

Writing formal emails and letters, filling in forms, CVs and job applications can all provide difficulty. As a result, many with severe dyslexia spend their lives avoiding having to write.

It is a sad fact that we judge each other’s intelligence based on their ability to use language. Dyslexics are often dismissed as stupid or ignorant when they try written communication.

We can help

Here at UKcopy we can help you to be taken seriously when using written forms of communication. By working with you to understand the meaning of your text, correct spellings and grammar and suggesting other ways to put your point across we can ensure you are not unfairly judged by those you are writing to.

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100 words of English corrected for free
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