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Monday, December 12th, 2011

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Are you making the most of the web?

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

It seems that everyone has a blog these days. It is a good way to provide information in an easy to read format and update it regularly.

If you haven’t got a blog then I sincerely recommend that you get one. There are many reasons why a blog is good for your search engine ranking but it is also invaluable for giving your business a human face. Customers dealing with you from other countries and cultures as well as those nearer home need a little reassurance that they are dealing with real people.

A blog helps you tell people things and explain things. What’s more, you don’t have to use the formal language that you might use in printed material to do it. Above all, it helps people to trust you.

So, what can UKcopy do to help? Well, we can offer our Web Editing service. From checking and correcting a single blog post to managing the whole process of your blog we can make it easier for you to communicate with confidence. You can be sure your message hasn’t been misunderstood and doesn’t appear unprofessional to your readers.

So, if you need us to check your blog for grammar, spelling or overall meaning please contact us for a quote and a free trial.

Get corrected!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

It is now fantastically easy to do business all over the world. It no longer requires a large company, expensive equipment and many staff. In fact and individual can do it for virtually nothing from their home computer using services like Ebay and Paypal.

Small businesses are also finding those and other services helpful to sell globally. Manufacturers are cutting out the middlemen and selling directly to the consumer via the internet.

However, the one stumbling block is still communication. English has become the de facto standard language on the internet and without an ability to speak it your options are limited. The web is awash with poor and confusing English as people attempt to express themselves. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how good your company is, how good your product is or how trustworthy you are because you will be judged on your language skills.

It is highly unfair but poor language use gives the appearance of being unprofessional and less capable. Customers are less likely to trust a company with a poorly written website. On the other hand, a well written website inspires confidence.

So even if your company just uses Ebay or your own simple website to sell products it is essential that you get the wording checked for grammar, spelling and suitability for your target customers or you could be losing business.

Here at UKcopy we are able to correct everything from a simple Ebay listing to an entire website. Contact us for a quote or a free trial.

Join the social media revolution!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Barak Obama has proved that to get anywhere these days you have to be using social media on the internet. The lines are now blurring between producers and consumers. In print media the publishers, copywriters and advertisers were clearly separate from the readers. The only medium of communication between the two was a letter to the publication which may or may not get read. If you were lucky it might get printed but only if it suited the purposes of the publication.

Producers used to have the power of money, resources and standing within an industry behind them. Without it you couldn’t hope to compete whereas now the great leveller of the web puts ordinary people up there next to the corporations, politicians and celebrities. Opinions can be supported or countered through comments, blog posts, videos, Tweets and any number of other methods.

I for one am excited by the freedom and democracy of the internet and the possibilities it offers to find new stories and ideas and to tell people about them in a way that captivates, stimulates and engages.

Hello internet, hello world and hello social media revolution. Sign us up, we’re ready to join in!

Malcolm Cameron