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Bitcoin Offers

By Satoshi (

We are now accepting Bitcoins here at UKcopy. Bitcoin is an exciting new online currency that can either be exchanged for other currencies or earned by Bitcoin Mining.

The value of Bitcoins fluctuates wildly at the moment. So, rather than tie our standard prices to their current Bitcoin equivalents we have chosen to provide a number of special offers for those paying by Bitcoin. These are considerably cheaper than the equivalent in hard currency.

Ebay (and other online auctions) listing correction – 0.2 BTC

Make sure your customers are not put off by bad English and have your auction listings corrected. up to 500 words (approx.)

CV or Resume check – 0.5 BTC

Make sure your resume gives the right impression to prospective employers.

Instructions, technical or academic writing – 0.5 BTC per 500 words

Correction of instruction manuals, books, academic papers, lectures and articles.

Website or blog check – 1 BTC for 10 pages (approx.)

Have your website or blog proof read and corrected. When millions of people worldwide can read your words it is best to make sure they’re right. (1 page = 500 words (approx.)

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