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Are you confused about the apostrophe?

I can’t think of a punctuation mark that causes more excitement and confusion than the apostrophe. Many people, especially English teachers, get very upset when it is used incorrectly.

In fact, a British man got in trouble a few years ago for drawing apostrophes onto road signs where they had been omitted by his local council. There is even an Apostrophe Protection Society!

Practicality versus Pedantry

There is so much confusion around when to use the possessive apostrophe that many are advocating dropping it entirely as the meaning of the sentence is usually clear from the context. However, this hasn’t gone down well with the apostrophe advocates.

I’m going to go out on a limb, risking the ire of the apostrophe pedants, and suggest if you’re not sure about whether you need an apostrophe or not then you should leave it out.

A little light reading

Fortunately some people on the internet have got a sense of humour about the apostrophe. Have a look at these:


How to use the apostrophe – The Oatmeal

Free the Apostrophe



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