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The Amazing Power of #Bitcoin!

In September we announced that we would be accepting the new crypto-currency Bitcoin and announced some offers for people paying in Bitcoins. This began our adventure with Bitcoin. We started advertising on Bitcoin sites, paying in Bitcoins and as a service provider that accepted Bitcoins we were listed on a number of Bitcoin related sites.

Shortly after our initial announcement the price of Bitcoin dropped through the floor and things didn’t look so good. Bitcoin had received quite a bit of press and this had encouraged a lot of new users to try it out. There was also a large number of people getting into Bitcoin mining, lured by the idea of, seemingly, free money. The interest caused the price to rise and the high price encouraged a lot of opportunists to hack websites and individuals in an attempt to get their hands on the loot.

In addition to hacking attacks the larger Bitcoin websites had to deal with extra demands on their servers and expectations of professional services caused by the increased popularity. Some fell by the wayside and others suffered expensive problems and downtime.

Bubbles come and go. Those lured by easy money have, mostly, gone and left the hardcore of Bitcoin supporters still doing what they were doing all along; Mining and trading bitcoins. They, like us, believe in the idea and ideals of Bitcoin and continue to use it whether it is the latest hot thing or not.

It is from this hardcore that we have seen a wonderful response. A large influx of business has appeared from the many sites we are either advertising on or have been listed on by others. Furthermore, not all of these people have paid in bitcoins so it seems that the bitcoin world isn’t as insular or exclusive as some detractors would have you imagine.

So, in summary, our experiment with Bitcoin has resulted in real, tangible work and increased exposure and this is one experiment that we will definitely be continuing!

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